My Approach


Art has been an important part of my life ever since I can remember. Be it visual art, music, or dance. I have always enjoyed trying to experience emotions felt by an artist as they perform their act. I guess that’s what brought me closer to photography and determined my career paths to date. Now, I consider dance to be one of the arts requiring most determination and commitment. Having worked with dancers from various parts of the world, one thing that always strikes me is their attention to detail and absolute dedication to make sure the pose captured by me in the photo best showcases their talent and years of training their put into their craft.

Being a bit of perfectionist myself, I admire this approach and absolutely love working with dancers. Having worked on a number of different assignments (personal photo shoots, audition photographs, on-stage photography, promotional photography), I have learnt not only to capture the dancer’s skills, but also their personality. Photo shoots with me are a team effort. We discuss dancer’s vision and expectations and we agree on the flow of the shoot, so that I can capture the movement at the right time. Once the shoot is complete, we go through the process of validation and approval of the photos by the dancer, before publishing.

If you would like to know what my clients say about working with me, please visit my Kind Words page here.