Will you advise us what to wear for the shoot?

Yes, I will definitely give you advice on what colours and style to wear for the shoot.

How long will the shoot take?

It usually takes up to two hours for a family shoot.

Will we be able to see my photos online?

Yes, I will prepare an online gallery for you, which you can share with your family and friends

Will we own the rights to our images?

Photographers automatically retain the rights to the images and with agreement for use in marketing, promotional materials, website and social media.

Will we receive the images on a USB?

Yes, you will receive all the best images from the shoot on a beautifully presented USB.

Are the images going to be edited?

Yes, I will carefully edit a beautiful selection of images from the shoot.

What does “high resolution” mean?

Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image.High resolution simply means that your prints will be of high quality and can therefore be printed in a larger format.