Kind Words

Magda is a perfectionist!

"Magda is a perfectionist in the best possible way - paying attention to every detail and never giving up until she gets the winning shot. Having never been a dancer herself, I am amazed at her natural instinct for directing movement and her understanding of dance aesthetics. She is passionate and enthusiastic and always finds the most breathtaking settings. I have loved working with Magda and I can't wait to work with her again!"

- Camille Bracher, Ex- First Artist at the Royal Ballet; Company Wayne McGregor

Kind and compassionate nature

"Lila felt extremely relaxed being photographed by Magda. Magda's kind and compassionate nature ensured Lila remained at ease whilst her application shots for Royal Ballet School Associates were taken. The quality of the professional pictures secured an audition place for the associate programme. We would highly recommend Magda for audition shots and look forward to a location shoot with her in the near future."

- Julie Piper

The very best in her field!

"Finding a dance photographer is easy, finding a good dance photographer is very difficult! I have now worked with Magda on two occasions and I cannot wait to work with her again. Magda is a photographer who will keep going until the perfect moment is captured, this combined with her excellent editing skills are creating what someone can only describe as beautiful art! Magda and I share the same values that we rather have 5 exceptional pictures, rather than 30 ordinary pictures out of a photoshoot. She is truly one of the very best in her field and a joy to be around!"

- Sander Blommaert, Ex- First Artist at the Royal Ballet, Teacher at the Blommaert Ballet School

Exceptional creativity

"We are delighted with the results of Ella’s first shoot with Magda Hoffman Photography. Magda’s exceptional creativity and skill as a photographer has resulted in a collection of photographs that has far exceeded our expectations.We will have no hesitation in recommending Magda Hoffman Photography and look forward to booking our next shoot later this year."

- Ella Boyd, ballet student at the Elmhurst Ballet School

Everlasting art!

"Working alongside Magda and creating beautiful images that can only be described as everlasting art. She is always prepared before a shoot, briefing both dancer and parent on her vision for each shoot and welcomes ideas to provide a true partnership. Magda always makes sure that any image is approved by the dacner and is always concerned that balletic technique is never compromised whilst ensuring stunning results. I continue to shoot with Magda due to her absolute care and professionalism. Already looking forward to the next experience."

- William Davolls, ballet student at the Elmhurst Ballet School

Real team work

"Working with Magda is a very lovely experience. She is so professional and extremely precise in her takes.

She really listens to her model to try to make her photo as close to both visions possible, and she always shows the images while shooting so both photographer and model are satisfied.

It is a real team work and that's what makes her photoshoot so pleasant. And her lovely personality makes work so much more fun."

- Elsa Godard, Former Royal Ballet First Artist


"I have admired Magda's work from afar and was delighted at long last to be able to work together. 
From the outset Magda provided me with a detailed plan and consulted with me at every part of the journey. It certainly was amazing teamwork. 
She is truly exceptional at what she does and that comes through in her work, it was a honour to be photographed by such a passionate and professional individual. I was so delighted with the end results that I cannot wait to work with Magda in a few months time! I truly hope that this is the beginning of a long working relationship."


- Serena McCall, Elmhurst Ballet School / Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Extremely Professional

"William has had the absolute pleasure of working with Magda on numerous occasions. We both feel that Magda is extremely professional and positive throughout the shoot, she is very aware of the importance of not only capturing a true image of the dancers ability and strength but also fully able to keep the dancer safe. She checks the floor before each jump (to make sure there is no sediment or moisture) ensures the lighting through the windows and the equipment won’t effect the flight of the jump or interfere with dancers eye line. Magda always produces absolutely stunning images which I am proud to say I have displayed around my home and have produced the images for others to have in their home. Recently Hertford House Hotel has asked for one of her images which will hang in the foyer."

- William Davolls, student at the Elmhurst Ballet School

Your photography perfectly reflects your creativity as both photographer and fine artist

'Dear Magda, you have a unique selling point. Your photography perfectly reflects your creativity as both photographer and fine artist.  
Your intelligence is also tangible in your subtle involvement of the sitter: you offer them just enough control and the resultant image is thus a perfect alignment of sitter and photographer’s aspirations.  
Your photographs undoubtedly project the sitter’s strength and natural beauty but uniquely you also mask it with just enough fantasy. I think it is this quality that settles the mind of a young dancer wary of the exposure inevitable in any photograph. 
Although not quite ready for what lies ahead of her, for just a moment she can see exactly what she is working towards, the beauty and spectacle of a life in ballet.'

- Rachel Barker. Student: Iris Barker, Elmhurst Ballet School

Audition photos

"Acquiring a good audition photograph is an exacting process. Not only must the photographer excel in their own craft but they must also possess an understanding of the specific technical skills a dancer must show case in that single moment as the shutter clicks. With the cost of dance courses and auditions escalating, good photography, often the only evidence an assessor/audition panel might have of a child’s ability, has become more critically important. Magda’s own love of both classical and contemporary ballet, her evident talent as a technical and creative photographer and her understanding of how a body achieves balletic positions enables her to produce some of the best dancer photographs I have seen. Whether taking a head shot or showing a dancer balancing vertiginously yet confidently en pointe, she captures not only their aesthetic beauty but more importantly the muscles of the body honed and held in a specific balletic position. Thank you Magda, always."

- Rachel Barker

Wonderful eye through the lens

"Thanks so much and really do feel you have given me the opportunity to share Dance Forward on the world stage with your wonderful eye through the lense."

- Andrew Ward, Director @DanceForward

100% happy

"Magda did not stop until she was 100% happy with every single shot and that I was happy too. The hard work goes hand in hand with the wow moment. Afer the shoot, Magda's care and commitment to her passion didn't end. I love that we keep in touch"

- Evangeline Axcell, student at Tring Park School of the Performing Arts