My Approach

I started photographing babies and families in 2009 when my beautiful son was born. I love shooting on location; I find it inspiring, creative and usually much more relaxed than being in the studio with lots of lighting equipment around you. I love the power of natural light and the fact that it could change a photo into a piece of art.

I usually meet up with families in a location that is special to them, where we can go for a walk, get to know each other a little bit better and feel relaxed before we begin the shoot. Children get bored very quickly so we can take regular breaks, run around and ensure that the photographs are natural and as un-posed as possible. I’m looking to capture laughter, mixed with love, and genuine personalities. We will find out what you would like to achieve from the shoot once we meet up.

Baby shoots usually happen in your house so I will come to you, have a look around and advise where the best place is to take the pictures.

If you are interested in having a shoot with me please get in touch via contact me.